Technical Courses

Civil Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering Technology is a technical program that provides knowledge and skill development in a broad base of engineering technology services. You will learn how to design and construct roads, highways, bridges, buildings, water distribution systems and sewage collection systems.

Courses available for this progam includes:

  1. Carpentry
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Furniture Painting
  4. Industrial Painting
  5. Pipe Fitting
  6. Plumbing
Career Opportunities
Graduates are prepared to work in a broad base of engineering technology services. These include:
  • Engineering assistants in highway construction, communications and power development projects
  • Technologists in concrete, asphalt and soil mechanics testing laboratories
  • Draftpersons, detailers and assistant designers
  • Construction inspectors for engineering projects
  • Town works superintendents
  • Ready-mix concrete plant supervisors
  • Assistants and supervisors in field exploration studies of proposed earth work projects and building sites
  • Party chiefs and instrument persons in field surveys related to pipelines, construction and mining
  • Supervisors
For more information about career opportunities related to this program, contact us.

Short Courses