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Food Technology

  • Food Technology
  • Waiter, Baker, Salad preparer
  • Food & Beverage Marketing Concepts
  • Up Selling Considerations & Strategies


A waiter is the sales person in any hotel or a restaurant.  Hence, his main task is to sell.  In relation to his task the quality service is followed according to customer expectation and demand.  Selling is the most essential part of waiters' responsibilities having an account of convincing power and persuading to his guest or customer.


Waiters in general coaches the customer to make an order of any food or beverage and the waiter must apply the up selling conditions to sell the most moderate expensive items in the menu just to keep the up selling.  Another strategy of the waiter is during the order taking to his guest he must present other new menus that may cater the sales promotion of the hotel like the total inclusions of guest accommodation, food & beverage as well as recreation and other amenities as one price ceiling package.

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