London Chamber of Commerce (LCCI)

While IIMIT’s college diplomas in Marketing, Accounting and MIS are recognized as valid qualifications, our unique affiliation to the London Chamber of Commerce (LCCI) gives them an extra edge in terms of appropriacy, prestige, international recognition, and value in the workplace.  IIMIT also offers core LCCI qualifications in Finance, Business Administration and Customer Service, areas critical to the Saudi Economy with a specialist LCCI Business English qualification that is truly unique in Saudi Arabia.


Our diploma college (IIMIT) works in conjunction with VATEL, the Swiss based international business school of Hotel and Tourism Management to provide in Saudi Arabia superior training in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Our courses, approved by VATEL, include the prestigious Hospitality Award – internationally the definitive statement of the highly trained hotelier. IIMIT in Saudi Arabia is proud to fly to VATEL flag with our VATEL course graduates adding a touch of Swiss class to the hotel and hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia.

Short Courses