Aims and Objectives

Our Goals
The Institute of Industrial Management and Information Technology ( IIMIT ) aims to prepare Saudi and foreign students possessing the High School Certificate for the challenges likely to be encountered by them in the labor market. Our academic objective is to deliver quality courses using English language as a medium of instruction that will give our students an academic edge to pursue higher education in foreign English speaking universities. It gives them a foundation equivalent or superior to that which is acquired by students studying identical or similar material at one of the national universities.

IIMIT, through the provision of expertly structured and guided courses, and with the co-operation of our academic partners in the national universities, aims to produce graduates who have realized their academic potential to the point where they are ready either to enter the job market or pursue a higher degree in Saudi Arabia or beyond.

Assessments of the training needs of Saudi national industry and the business market have consistently shown the overwhelming need for trained graduates in the areas of Information Technology Management and the professional disciplines of Marketing, Business Administration and Accounting \ Finance Management. This need on the part of Saudi industry and business is consistent and expansive and so IIMIT now offers courses in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering.

IIMIT, aims therefore to draw deep into the communities of the Eastern Province, maximizing the talent and abilities of our youth and preparing them to meet the requirements of the modern work environment. We also seek to maintain and strengthen our links with our corporate clients. Many of our students are sponsored by companies.

With a global trend of doing business through the cyber world, we at IIMIT aim to develop business solutions, in areas of e-commerce, supply chain management and ERP implementation, and thus give our clients increased competitive advantage in the industry. We use technology as a fulcrum for our industrial clients business development.

A brief summary of our aims and objectives

  • To provide suitably highly qualified graduates with quality based higher education of a similar or superior value to that offered by the national universities.
  • To maintain the academic standards of the national universities at all times; To deliver rigorous and dynamic programs that prepare our graduates for the work place or further academic study.
  • To provide expertise in Strategic Planning and business development.
  • To provide consultancy in business solutions, e- commerce and IT support.